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About us

Energy Solar Company

One of the UK’s leading energy solar companies, Solar Panel Provider was founded in 2011 by Michael, Konny and Edward Fretwell in Derbyshire, with a desire to make a difference to how the UK views and uses energy.

Combining our domestic, commercial and industrial solar installations we have installed over 10mW of renewable power to the whole of the UK. An estimated 30,000 tonnes of CO2 has been offset by our installations.

We view renewable technology as a crucial factor in reducing our dependence on harmful, costly and diminishing fossil fuels. Renewable energy will help pave the way for a brighter, cleaner and self-sufficient UK and we’re committed to play an important role in achieving this goal

We pride ourselves on the quality of information provided, our workmanship and aftercare, maintenance packages as well as inverter replacement services.

We have built a strong team of professionals who share the very same ideals. We have the capability to design, build and deliver not only solar PV installations, but also we have installed numerous amounts of battery energy storage systems, either grid tied or island systems, throughout the UK.

Your peace of mind is important

Solar Power Provider UK has become a leading energy solar company because we are ready to rise to the challenges of the ever-changing energy industry. Our team use only the best tried and tested materials, tailored to our client’s needs to maximise the return on investment and build a greener future.


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