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Continuous energy price raises mean in order for you to escape the trend, you have the opportunity to install an energy storage system. This will make you totally independent from the electricity providers and their price uplifts. When the storage system is installed adjacent to the solar photovoltaic system you could potentially use up to 70% of the electricity your system generates. The reasoning for this is that during daylight hours you will use the energy generated within your property as well as charging the batteries, and then during the hours of darkness the stored energy is then used.

We offer energy storage systems to both residential and commercial sectors. Our systems incorporate lead acid / lithium ion batteries which meet the efficiency, safety and environmental requirements of the energy revolution.

Due to our extensive network of partners our battery energy storage systems have been developed based on our technical knowledge of the following areas:

Our long established network of professionals has allowed our team to develop expertise in the application of lead acid & Lithium ion batteries. Our past projects have involved the installation and commissioning of large scale energy storage systems which require a constant feed of energy in order to reduce disturbances from the standard power systems in place. We have designed Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) running in parallel with a backup diesel generator. We are also able to install a Power Management System (PMS) which observes the diesel generator operation and the charging and discharging of the batteries. With the PMS in place we are able to achieve the guaranteed performance and lifetime. Once the battery system is installed we remotely monitor the State Of Charge (SOC) using a Battery Management Systems (BMS). The BMS collects the battery data continually. It is this collation of data that enhances our knowledge and assists our development of future energy storage systems.

We are able to install and commission both AC and DC storage systems. Each system has unique control features which mean they can also offer Energy Management System functionality. Our systems are designed to allow the client total control of their electrical network, this allows you to control your finances efficiently and still take advantage of the grid revenue streams. The batteries that we have selected have a long term application in electrical power systems. Based on data collected we can see that our battery solutions have performed over and above performance expectations.

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