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Solar Energy is the most abundant source of energy we have. On average there are around 173,000 Terawatts of solar energy hitting the Earths surface continuously, this amounts to 10,000 times the worlds energy usage. This draws in question, how can we enhance energy generation? The UK government set a target to provide 15% of its total energy usage from renewable sources by 2020. This obligation focuses on all renewable technologies with Solar Photovoltaic playing a crucial role. The solar panels transform direct sunlight (UV) into energy that you can you in your home or business. It does this without having detrimental effects on the environment. With renewable technologies increasing in efficiency, they provide us with an opportunity to prevent climate change.

How does it work?

Solar photovolataic panels are made up of individual cells. These cells when joined together form the panels. When solar rays hit the panels, these cells generate energy. The energy generated is DC current. Once the DC current has passed through a solar inverter, the DC current is transformed into AC current. Once this process has been completed you are able to use this energy through your property.

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