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In recent years there is one thing that we cannot escape - ever increasing energy prices. If you have a roof you have the possibility to escape the inflationary convolution! Then why not invest in solar energy and generate your own electricity? Our experts can help you secure independence from the utility companies. A system provided by Solar Power Provider UK will allow you to generate carbon-free electricity for your own home; this is all possible as well as costing a fraction of your purchased energy from your electricity supplier.

Your solar system can be linked to an energy storage system that is suited to your requirements. With an energy storage system on average you will be able to use potentially more than 70% of the electricity generated by your system for your own home. Not only will you make significant savings on your energy but you will also ease the demand on the national grid.

What we provide:

Your unique solutions

No Roof is the same. As a result there are many different factors that influence the design process of your solar system. At the inception of our partnership our engineers work side by side with you in order to answer a few fundamental questions:

Investing in your own solar system provides an important opportunity to contribute to protecting the environment and ensuring a reduced carbon footprint.

Should you require further information we are here to assist you in your pursuit of knowledge. We will provide free personal advice with no obligation. Contact us via telephone or email or through our contact form.

Self Consumption

The ever increasing prices for fossil fuels and the potential costs for proposed nuclear plants and the disposal of its waste have a direct link to the inflation of energy prices. As the cost of energy increase you have the opportunity to become self reliant installing a solar system.

Circumvent the increasing energy prices when you use the solar power you generate for yourself. Self consumption is more beneficial than ever before, the system will pay for itself within a few years, this is due to the increasing product efficiency and the energy rates continual increase.

Government funding

As of 31st March 2019 all Government backed Feed-in Tariff and export tariffs are no longer available to new systems. All existing solar systems are still eligible for the Feed In Tariff and export. However the export tariff is now under consultation by the government and could be available again from he summer of 2019 for new system. Even though the tariffs have ended, Solar Power Provider will register your system with the industries recognised quality assurance standard, MCS.

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