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Over the years solar photovoltaic arrays have become notably more affordable and efficient. Large roof areas are in particular more suited for the installation of solar photovoltaics; however there are still a vast amount of roofs available for solar systems. This area of the renewable market should be explored. Your roof could be given a second purpose, make it earn for you! For instance, you can take advantage of a fully designed roof modernisation as the first step along the renewable road.

We are here to provide you with our expert knowledge and assistance. All of our knowledge comes from years of hard work and continual commitment towards a cleaner, greener future. With this in place we can ensure that our team will deliver a system that works best for you. We collate data from our past projects in order to design a system with specific integrated components, which will help optimise the efficiency of your project; this will guarantee your system works to the best of its ability for the years to come.

What can Solar Power Provider UK supply?

We provide assistance throughout the whole project from financing to planning, installation to insurance and maintenance. We are a passionate, reliable partner to have by your side, not only can we improve your overheads but we can also help to reduce your carbon footprint. We are here for you from start to finish, but we are an ever present throughout the lifetime of your solar system. We offer tailor made service packages that go beyond project handover. Our O&M engineers have developed a monitoring system that looks after your investment. We have been able to study past projects in order to continually improve the O&M and to ensure your peace of mind.

What to do?

This is entirely your decision. There are a number of alternatives that you can choose from. Firstly you will be able to purchase the system yourself and use your roof space for your own requirements. Or Secondly, you can simply lease your roof space to an investor. However there are Pros and Cons to each of these. Whatever your choice Solar Power Provider UK will be the partner by your side, to make your project a reality.

What are the benefits of Solar Photovoltaics?

Investing in a solar system on your commercial property will enable you to reduce your overheads for years to come. As energy prices increase, the more likely you are to see your savings increase. A solar array on your roof will receive guaranteed use of the generated electricity within your property for self consumption, this will help achieve independence from the energy providers.

How to find out more?

Our team of experienced engineers will be able to provide you with advice at no obligation. You can Contact us through our contact form. We will show you the true potential of your unused roof!

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